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15-minute New Patient Phone Consultation


60-minute New Patient Evaluation


50-minute Treatment Session


AG Therapy LLC provides exceptional services dedicated to mitigating communication barriers and addressing issues related to swallowing and cognitive communication challenges. My individual, 50-minute sessions are designed to provide consistent and patient-centered treatment. Evaluation fees range based on the type of intervention you need; more comprehensive evaluations may cost slightly more. It's important to note that this fee is a one-time payment, and AG Therapy is committed to delivering precise assessments to ensure you receive the best value for your investment.


AG Therapy accepts only Medicare B insurance and private pay at this time. For patients under 65 or who do not qualify for Medicare, AG Therapy LLC utilizes a direct-pay business model which allows me to provide clinical treatment based on the need of each individual without third party insurance reviews, network restrictions, and visit limits. Patients pay for treatment at the time of service using Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), credit card, cash or check. I can easily provide a patient with a visit summary complete with codes and pricing for insurance reimbursement. 

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