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Welcome from AG Therapy LLC

Get to Know Me

I am a Certified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) in Wisconsin offering a comprehensive range of therapeutic services for adolescents, teens, and adults. At AG Therapy LLC, I am committed to fostering a supportive and compassionate environment for my clients. Contact me today to learn how my services can positively impact your journey towards improved communication, voice, swallowing, and/or cognitive function.

Services & Specialties 

Medical Consultation

Free Phone Consultation

I believe in providing personalized and effective care tailored to your unique needs. Before scheduling an evaluation, I encourage you to take advantage of my free 15-minute consultation call. This initial conversation serves as a vital foundation, allowing me to truly understand your concerns and needs. It's an opportunity for you to ask questions and for me to share the range of services I offer. Most importantly, it allows us to collaboratively assess what type of evaluation would be most beneficial for you. I want to ensure that my approach aligns perfectly with your goals. 

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